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Dear GP PRO  Advisor!  The world has changed and so has our focus for providing research insights.  Therefore, GP PRO ThinkLab will no longer be available after October 25, 2022.  The site will be shut down and access will be closed.  We will no longer be offering an insights community for GP PRO.  This will not affect your membership or access to Dynata if you are currently a member.  We regret the inconvenience of our closure and hope you will continue to participate in research.


Here are a couple reminders before we close:

  • Tasks: Complete any tasks still pending in your task list before October 25th in order to receive any incentive payment.  After that date, tasks will not be available to complete.
  • Gift Cards: Rewards earned in the months of September and October will still be sent to you directly in October and November, respectively.  Please contact Robert Belpasso robert@cmnty.com if you have not received payments by December 16th.  Remember, payments will be processed at the start of each month and take 4-6 weeks to be delivered to your panel accounts or email. The reward amount is based on the number of activities completed in the previous month. 


We sincerely appreciate your time, effort, and commitment to the GP PRO ThinkLab over the year(s).  Your feedback has been truly valuable in helping the business make decisions. 


Best Regards,


The GP PRO ThinkLab Team

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